Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been A WHILE

Well, things have been going pretty well since the last update. I'm still in school and haven't murdered my roommate. She's too awesome for that. I had final exams for the first semester, had a long winter break, then another week without class during the second week of February. Snowpocalypse, anyone?

My experiences in college have been progressively more entertaining, like my 1 AM conversations with my roommate. They turn into probable ideas. This has given me the idea to either do a web comic or blog some more. Maybe both? First, I must re-learn how to use my tablet. I'm rusty. And it's a new computer since the last time I used it during the summer.

Anywho, I'm celebrating 6 months being with Henry on the 26th. It's surprising how long you last with someone you shared conversation with while eating ice cream and tossing a beach ball. He's sweet, and it's never a dull day.

I got a 3.82 in my first semester, even with a B in history.

My hall mates are all right. They're loud, and dwindling a bit. Three rooms are empty on one end. Hm...

College. Gotta love it.

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