Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extreme Art Night

With 3 weeks left of school, the workload has tripled in my classes. I've been neglecting the blog, my knitting, painting, drawing, and everything else but classwork and sleeping.

One reprieve was Extreme Art Night. It started 7 PM Thursday night and went to 8 AM Friday morning. Kevin, Matt, and I spent the bulk of it working on a cardboard building that was entered into a contest judged at 8 AM.

We painted it white and turned it in, hopefully winning. I stayed the whole time, but didn't find out who won.

The image below was painted for the entrance to the art building, and it looks awesome. It was a collaborative effort by several art students here at West Liberty University. You all did great!! It should be hung up soon.

Merriment and painting on walls ensued. It was EXTREME!!!