Monday, October 5, 2009

Freshman Shock

The first month of college has been a whirlwind of homework and projects due within a week of each other. It's nothing like high school, where you have weeks to do something. With a different schedule every day, it is difficult to keep up with what is due when. I feel so overwhelmed, I've been neglecting my blog!

I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just generalize my first month.

I met new friends in my residence hall, including my RA. She is really nice and helps everyone out if they get in trouble.

I went to an ice cream social and brought home a boyfriend... not that second... We waited a bit before going out. His name is Henry.

I've been spending a lot more time with friends and going out, something I missed out on during high school because I was a hermit!

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My art classes are really hands-on, and I mean down and dirty. I usually go back to my dorm with black, grimy hands from paint/charcoal/graphite/etc. It's something I must get used to, but my fingernails are also suffering. I've discovered a love for charcoal drawings over the plain graphite pencils. Much darker...

The 'freshman 15' is coming after me! In the mere 5 weeks I've been at school, I've gained 5 pounds! It's like a pound a week... To remedy this, I've been going to the gym (ASRC) more often. When I have time, that is. The food is just too good! They have cheese fries every day, and a variety of ice cream flavors. They taunt me so...

So far, academically, I've been doing alright. I got a B- (hell yea!) on my first essay exam in history! It's a difficult class to follow since it's sit, listen, and take rapid notes. I like the time period though, so it's all good.

Finally, I got my driver's license. It took long enough, huh?

October should be more interesting with Homecoming and Halloween. We shall see!

No sleep. No free time. It's college! 8D

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