Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Scrambling Storm Shuffle

So, today we had a ginormous storm. It started out with a downpour as soon as I got home from work. I just walked in the door, so I was lucky.

The deck furniture, however, was not. The next thing we saw was our swing, A-frame and all, blowing off the deck inches away from my car. The chairs flew off the deck, and their covers fell off. We scrambled to secure everything on the ground and dragged the covers inside. The plants were hastily shoved under the bay window, and the front step’s plants were moved to the safety of the porch. We were soaked when we were done and took turns watching the table to make sure it didn’t fall over as the others changed into dry clothes.

The only casualty was the swing’s canopy. It got a tiny hole in it that my mom will try to fix soon.

It’s so nice out now, with cool air smelling like rain. I would sit out there, but it’s all wet. =P

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