Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Final Week of Summer

As the first day of college approaches, I look back on my summer and sigh. Even though it seemed like it was going to drag on forever at the beginning, it flew by as I spent my time indoors on the computer or babysitting. I went swimming a few times and hung out with friends, but not very often. This last week is hectic because I still need to get my license and get in some quality time with close friends before becoming a Hilltopper.

I don't regret my experiences this summer, as busy as I was. I know that next year it will be a lot easier to hang out with local friends since I won't be spending time and money looking for dorm room decor.

My whole family is starting to feel the effects, even one of my cats. My five year old cat Guen is developing a separation anxiety, and her behavior is a bit disturbing to all of us. She lingers in my room around the totes full of my college needs, and has been staring at me for long moments. She is so anxious that she pees on everything made of fabric left on the floor! Poor kitty.

But even though there is a sort of gloom hovering over the Swann houehold, I'm still excited about starting to live on my own up on the hill. My roommate and I are pretty much ready with everything we could possibly need in the small room we share. My loans have been canceled and THE COLLEGE owes me money after everything is said and done. I get my check on the first day of classes.

Tomorrow is my last Friday of summer. Sigh.
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