Saturday, March 6, 2010

This is Why I Dislike Breaks

Yesterday, I came home for spring break and had to be off the hill by 1 PM. Sounds easy, but it was a hellish day.

First, I had to wake up at nine while my boyfriend brought my car around back of my dorm so we could pack it. That went smoothly, even though we were all tired. We parked the car and went to breakfast, no problem.

I had a class at 10, and we didn't do much, which made me mad as I could have made that my getting-ready time.

After class, I quickly got the rest of the stuff I didn't pack earlier together. I waited until 12:30 before leaving, because it only takes 30 minutes max to get down.

One problem - my car was on E. The whole trip. And the nearest gas station was in my neighborhood. I was coasting down hills and going just under the speed limit.

I had to pull over because I thought I had lost my cell phone, but it was in the seat next to me. I freaked out thinking I had to turn around and waste more gas.

It gets worse. I made it to the gas station, calmed down, and pulled up beside a pump. I don't think I pulled up enough, but I didn't think anything of it. I paid and started pumping gas. I wasn't looking and heard a sloshing noise. Yes, my gas tank had overflowed a bit. I estimated about a dollar waste as I stopped it quickly. Frantically, I used paper towels to sop it all up. Thank God a water drip was dropping right above there, so the gas was diluted a bit.

I cautiously turned on the car, thinking I was going to explode (New driver angst). I went home and turned off the car, sitting there for a moment. Then I hosed the car down just in case, and because the sides are filthy. Thank you March mud.

Going home is always eventful, but not as much as yesterday.

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