Thursday, June 18, 2009

WLU Orientation!

This morning started with an early wake-up, since I had to be at my future college, West Liberty University, at 8 AM for orientation. With tired eyes and rumbling stomach I rode to the campus with my parents. On the way up, our car was almost out of gas and alerted us with a shrill ding. We had 24 miles left in the tank, give or take. Since the campus was only 20 minutes away from my neighborhood, and the speed limit through the winding hills was 25, we knew we would have enough gas until we got off of the hill.

Registration was quick and painless, and everything I could ever need, want, or not want to know was handed to me in a neat little folder. We were ushered as a large group into one of the audience halls, and welcomed for about 30 minutes. Then the future students (that's me!) were split up into two groups and the fun began.

First of all, I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people. And what is the first thing we do? We have a conversation game. We had to throw a beach ball around a big circle we made and answer questions written on it. Most were reluctant to answer their given question, and then the ball was thrown to me.

"If you were an evil dictator, what country would you rule?" Wow, what a question. Were they serious?

I had to answer, and the first country I blurted was "Canada!"

Canada? Really? I felt my face burn with embarrassment, but I didn't let it get to me too much. I had to answer why, so I added, "I really like Canada..." Silence followed as I threw the ball to the next person and silently begged it not to come near me.

After a few other ice breaking games, we headed to registration sessions. As I walked from building to building, I estimated how long it would take me to lug those heavy, expensive books around. Not long at all, really.

The rest of the morning was pretty much just walk, lecture, walk a bit, lecture, walk some more. I got to meet my drawing instructor though, and he sounded like a fun guy. Just think of Dr. Spencer Reid from 'Criminal Minds' and you have a similar voice. I can't wait for that class!

Everyone crowded into the cafeteria for lunch, making the lines long and cumbersome. I decided to wait a while and made a salad instead. Eventually the line thinned and I could eat. The food is one of my favorite parts, but I hope I don't gain the 'freshman 15' with all that glorious food.

After lunch, we were able to view my dorm room, which is probably 10' by 10' or so. They had warned us that the rooms may be dirty, but they were just cluttered with the furniture they provide (2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, etc.).

I got my ID card picture taken, which was a bit awkward for me because of my new braces. Later I found out that a carrot was stuck in one of the brackets, but at that point I didn't care.

The picture will be really small... I hope.

After a detour to the financial aid office, I ended my visit with a smiling face, almost ready to enter life on my own.

Next stop in my college journey: The bookstore!

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